What About The Rain?

  Let's say you're from Texas, or Arizona or one of those hot dry places and suddenly you are transferred to Oregon. Oregon!! For heavens sake, that's the only state in the union where you've heard it ALWAYS RAINS!  Shortly after we moved here we got a call from someone in California in the middle of summer and 90 degree weather and the first thing she asked was "Is it raining there?"

  Well, what about the rain? We say we LOVE the rain. It's what makes everything so green, the rain is why we have all these beautiful rivers and tall trees, the rain is why it doesn't look like California. The rain is our friend and we miss it terribly if it stays away too long.

  So, how do you deal with it? Simple. You dress for it. Boots, waterproof jackets, hats to keep the rain off your face or glasses. By the way, forget umbrellas, they are very awkward things indeed. Besides, you can't do your gardening or play golf with an umbrella! 

  The main thing is that you should never, ever let the rain stop you from doing anything you want to do.  It's that simple. Dress for it. Live with it. Love it. After all, it's not like blowing sand or tornadoes or earthquakes or fires. It's just nice clean water coming right out of the sky. Enjoy!!

Let it rain!